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Our Jet Set collection uses innovative fabrics that are truly revolutionary. For example, we use fabrics made in Italy such as Revolutional Slim® and Young. Revolutional Slim® has natural slimming ingredients that are woven into the fabric, such as caffeine, retinol, fatty acids, aloe vera, and Vitamin E. Young is an innovative fabric that contains micro-encapsulated fibers, which are rich in antioxidants, such as aloe vera and Vitamin E.


WHY Revolutional Slim®?

Hu-nu chooses to use Revolutional Slim® because we tested it and love it! It is an exceptionally lightweight fabric that fits like a second skin. It is ultrafine, breathable, pilling resistant as well as offering high UV protection (UPF 50+). Revolutional Slim® envelops the body’s curves but does not constrict and allows maximum freedom of movement while providing great support during physical activity. 

The active ingredients stimulate microcirculation to improve tissue oxygenation and may help burn fat more quickly. It helps to increase the effectiveness of exercise and improves sport performance, ensuring beneficial effects to the entire physique. Although at Hu-nu we believe that is no substitute for exercise, this fabric can be a valuable ally that gives pleasant satisfaction day after day.

Our Jet Set design is a pair of bootleg pants lined with Revolutional Slim® hot shorts. The bootleg is not only great to wear at the gym, but it is also perfect to wear on the plane (the caffeine helps reduce bloating), to wear at work (helps reduce swelling from prolonged sitting,) or to wear for hiking (fights the swelling).



Clinical Proven

Revolutional Slim® has been clinically tested and certified by Bio Basic Europe, Milan. Revolutional Slim® improves skin firmness, changes in orange-peel skin and cutaneous microcirculation. The clinical result shows that Revolutional Slim®can fight skin flaws caused by cellulite and reduce localized fat deposits.


WHY Young?

Hu-nu chose Young fabric because it is soft, featherweight, breathable, quick drying and pilling resistant. It also protects your skin from harmful sunrays with a high protection of UPF50+.

The technology, which was patented and developed by Nurel in Spain, incorporates thousands of anti-oxidant micro-capsules containing Vitamin E and aloe vera. Combining Vitamin E, aloe vera and UPF50+, providing incredible anti-oxidant effect. Young protects the skin and fights against free radicals, and can also be quite effective in hydrating and moisturizing. It is recommended for all kinds of athletic garments and fabrics in direct contact with the skin. The aloe vera and Vitamin E combination provides great skin protection, and remains effective up to 100 washes.

Currently, we use this fabric as a pullover to cover the arms and chest. We love the hand feel of this fabric - it is buttery soft and cool to the touch. It’s unlike anything other fabric we’ve felt. You will want to wear it all day and night!


WHY Nanomineral?

This innovative nanomineral fabric is amazing because its fiber is rich in mineral content - it consists of more than 20 different types of natural nanomineral trace elements. The soft, non-irritatin fabric provides high UV protection with UPF 50+, and has a heat reflective function that allows the fabric to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature. In addition, the nanomineral magnetic energy helps promote blood circulation and improve metabolism. The minerals also has strong anti-oxidation properties, which can easily decompose bacteria, which helps control odours, and help to absorb the moisture and sweat from the skin.

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